Current Announcements

  • A quarterly chair orientation meeting is requested of all Q3 Chairs
    • Monday June 24th 7:35 PM – Half Measures Room
      • OR
    • Saturday, June 29th, 1:15 PM after the Noon Meeting.
  • Please get a key from the previous Quarterly Chair. If you have any questions, please contact Jay H. 
  • We still need a few Quarterly Chairpersons, both online and in person. Without a Quarterly chair, there is no meeting. Please consider serving your group.

Past Announcements

May / June ’24 Announcements

  • There are still meetings needing a Quarterly Chair for Q3 both online & in-person. No chair, no meeting. Please consider serving your group.
  • Glasshouse Anniversary Dinner is June 15th from 5:00 to 6:30 pm. We need all members to volunteer to help with bringing deserts, setting up, and then cleaning up after the meal. Sign-up sheets are posted in the hallway. Many hands make light work. Thank you in advance.  Steering Committee
  • Glass House 41st Anniversary Flyer – June 14th & 15th.
  • On-Line Quarterly Chairs are needed for Q3 2024. Please Sign-up using this Link. One year of continuous sobriety is required.
  • Sign up Sheets for Quarterly Chairs for the 3rd Quarter, July to
    Sept. are posted in the hallway. Requirements are QCs must have at
    least 1 year of continuous sobriety and attend an orientation
    meeting for Quarterly Chairs.
  • Member Requests to the Steering Committee are due no later
    than than Thursday, June 6. Steering Committee members
    contact information is posted in the glass case in the Hallway.
    The Steering Committee meets to review requests on Sat. June 8
    at 1:30pm.
  • Sat. June 22 is the Group Conscience Meeting at 1:30pm after
    the Noon Meeting. This is because June 14, 15 is GH 41 st
    Anniversary Weekend Celebration.
  • Important: At the Sat June 22 Group Conscience meeting we
    need to ELECT new Steering Committee members, 2 men and 2
    women. Duties are listed in the By Laws posted online at If you want to stand for the Committee, but
    cannot make the Group Conscience meeting, submit your
    nomination in writing before June 22 to a Steering Committee
    Member. Please consider serving your group.
    Steering committee,

April ’24 Announcements

  • The Glass House has opportunities to take meetings into Treatment Centers.  If you are interested, please contact Jennifer S., our GH Treatment Center Service Representative at 817-353-5378.

March ’24 Announcements

  • The Glass House Technology Committee needs help.  If you are interested in serving on the Technology Committee, please contact Paul P.    His contact information is listed below and it is listed in the Glass Case in the hallway under Technology Committee, Website Master. 

February ’24 Announcements 

  • On-Line Quarterly Chairs are needed for Q2 2024. Please Sign-up using this Link. One year of sobriety is required.
  • There will be a Safety & Respect Workshop on Saturday March 2nd @1:30pm at the Glass House. Please see the flyer located here for Zoom information if You would like to attend virtually.
  • GH has been asked to bring AA Meetings to Billy Gregory Detox, inpatient treatment, part of MHMR of Tarrant County.  Please contact GH Treatment Center Service Rep, Jennifer S, 817-353-5378 if you want to do service.
  • Sign up sheets for second quarter Quarterly Chairs are posted in the hallway.  Please consider serving your group.
  • If you have a concern you want the GH Steering Committee to consider, please submit in writing your request to a Steering Committee Member.  SC phones and emails are posted in the Glass Case in the Hallway.   March 7 is the deadline to submit requests.
  • Group Conscience is Sat. March 23, at 1:15pm, after the Noon Meeting. This is a change, so that GH members can hear the report from the GSRs regarding the NETA65 Conference they will attend on March 16.

January ’24 Announcements

  • Glass House now has Zelle and PayPal QR Codes to use for practicing the 7th Tradition.
    The QR codes are posted in the Hallway on bulletin boards and at the AA Birthday Chalkboard.